Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Orleans Inspired Halloween Wreath

If you've been on my Pinterest page lately, you'll notice that I have been inspired by the skeleton wreaths that I've been seeing lately.  I had to make one.

They already reminded me of my trips to New Orleans, but I decided to go one step further with mine and add some masks...

some New Orleans inspired ribbon...

New Orleans inspired Halloween wreath with a skeleton and top hat and masks

gold fleur de lis, musical notes, old lace

and a few spiders and swamp moss, all in Saints colors of course.

A trip to Hobby Lobby was almost all that I needed to put this together. I love to go there when their ribbon is 40% off, and with 7 rolls of ribbon, I needed to wait for that week!!! All of the ribbon, the masks, the grapevine wreath, moss, and small skeletons came from there. The top hat and bones were purchased from The Halloween Spirit Store. I already had the skeleton but I'm sure they had one at the Spirit Store. The glitter spiders are from Pottery Barn and the sign I made out of a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and sharpie. I intentionally made it a little rough and imperfect because it is Halloween after all. All things Halloween should be on sale this week so it's not too late to make one for yourself. If I can do it, so can you!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Study

Texas inspired home office, cowhide rug, longhorn skull, rustic study ideas

This is where I work/play. Rarely, Bill uses the other side of the desk but more frequently I'm joined by Spencer under the desk.

...or sometimes Madi.

Since Bill has an office at work, I've taken over this room pretty much. Some of my favorite "finds" are in here. I'm influenced a lot in this house, and in this room especially, by the fact that I live in San Antonio. It's a blend of  Texas and Mexican influences. Cowhides, horseshoes, local art and Santos fill the room.
I like a variety of things that inspire me on the walls. Photos representing different Texas architectural styles are hung above the bookcase. Below is a painting of one of our SA missions, painted by local artist "Brother Cletus".


Some old window frames finish out the long wall. You can't forget the Alamo, right?

I made this bulletin board out of an old window. Large clips were hot glued onto the chalkboard painted glass. It is usually a lot more messy than this!

You might be thinking, where is all of the junk that you need in an office? I kind of cheat because there is a closet that holds my filing cabinet, mail, craft supplies and all kinds of other stuff. I'll post that too but not today. I'll clean it up just a little!!! I do have a lot hidden throughout the room too though. The box on the desk hides the current things that I'm working on, files, paint and fabric swatches, etc. The bookcase houses my printer and baskets that store paints, glues, and other office supplies. On the desk, a galvanized silverware holder organizes pens, pencils, tape and scissors.

Of course I have a collection of decorating books for inspiration as well throughout the room.

I guess this picture sums it up...a longhorn skull with a little bling.
 Simple. Rustic. Uncluttered. Texas.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breakfast Room Redo

Farmhouse style table and bench
Breakfast Room After

I decided that when I got my notice to renew my domain name that I needed to go ahead and start revealing some rooms on the blog even if they aren't finished yet because I realized that I am NEVER really done with any room anyway. We have done a lot in the house but I can't seem to finish anything because I get too distracted. I go from one room to the next as the mood hits me. Kind of like this blog I guess.  As we would say in my family, "Squirrel."

This picture was taken about one year ago. We decided to close off the bar area a little and create an arch that was centered on the light fixture in the other room. All of the walls were "builder beige" so I decided to do a dark color in the bar to contrast the white in the breakfast room. I like going neutral with the walls so I can change color schemes easily. The dark grey is Sherwin Williams Black Fox.

We chose used Chicago brick with for the walls. I love the antiqued look of it and the fact that it has history. Unfortunately, I didn't get a batch with a lot of color like the blue in the sample, but you get what you get. I asked the masons to turn any painted ones to the outside as they were going. This was NOT a project I wanted to take on myself!

If you do take on a project like this, even if you are not doing it yourself, be prepared for a mess. My masons were very good and careful but no matter how much you cover, there will be dust for weeks.

Originally, we had planned on doing a large barn door on this wall but then we decided that we didn't want to cover up all of the pretty brick we had just paid for and we didn't ever feel the need to close off the bar anyway. Luckily, we made this wall in the breakfast room a little larger so we could fit in my newest find. Yes, it does still cover up the brick a bit but when I saw it, especially at $350, I couldn't resist.
While shopping with my mom in Boerne, we came across a store on Main Street that had lost their lease and they were selling all of their display pieces. It seemed like a really good deal until we had to get it home. I'm sure Bill gets a shiver up his spine every time I tell him that I have found a piece of furniture. That's what happens when someone has a truck. After carrying this monster out of the store (It's bigger than it looks.),blocking Main Street traffic to get it in the truck, and a white knuckle drive home with it dangling off of the truck, I was very pleased with my find!

The new piece of furniture also provided a great space for my pot rack. I have old copper pots that I wanted to display so I found this iron quilt hanger that works perfectly. It is so hard to hang anything on the brick so I used cup hooks screwed into EZ anchors on the ceiling to hold the weight.

Overall, I'm pleased with the way it all came out...FOR NOW. "Squirrel!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Master Bedroom Redo

Master Bedroom Before & After

You had me at wood floors and shutters! The never-go-wrong, timeless combination that never goes out of style. It's kind of a no-brainer, really. How can I take credit for this transformation? It's like adding shiplap or subway tiles to any room. Instant beauty. They are both budget breakers but, then again, most good things are. Proving once again that the saying is true... "You get what you pay for."

blue and white master bedroom makeover

The paint was another major transformation, as it usually is, especially in this room where the walls where so dark before.

Even though I used the same furniture that I had in the old house, it feels different, better. Maybe it's the smell of  paint. That always does it!

I heard that blue and white is coming back but for me, it never left. I love this combination because it reminds of the beach. It feels very coastal. Speaking of coastal, on the left is one of my favorite "finds". I went to O'Neil Ford's estate sale and found this rendering of a lighthouse rolled up in a corner. I'm not 100% sure that he drew it himself but that's what I'm going with.

I still have to work on part of the room as I want to add a barn door into the bathroom where there are double doors now and I'm still trying to convince my husband that we don't NEEEED a ceiling fan but I seem to always lose that battle. Notice that I missed that in the photo. Wouldn't a chandelier look pretty up there?