Monday, January 30, 2017

Bottle Cap Art

bottle cap fish on vintage window cheap beach art

I needed some cheap art for all of the wall space in the beach house so it was time to put all of the beer drinking to good use. I have been saving up bottle caps for years. I turned these Heineken caps upside down because I really liked the green color.

I found the letters in a little store in Gruene, Texas for about $1 a piece and I bought the window at Vintage Market Days in Kerville for $20.00. So, this project only cost around $25. (If you don't count the beer, that is.)

 I found plywood cutouts in the shape of a mermaid at Michael's for about $3 and thought that they would be cool on the sign for the house that I was making. I already had them made when I realized that I didn't like the way they looked on that sign so this project was created. Sometimes failure leads to something even better anyway. The boards are from Michael's and cost about $3. They were originally a stained color so I lightly brushed some white over the top to make it look more "beachy".

They aren't very large, only about 10" square but I figured that they would work somewhere. The funny thing is, my original plan was to make crabs because I had seen some on Pinterest, but they evolved in to these two projects. Sometimes you just need some inspiration to get yourself started.

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