Saturday, September 11, 2021

Riverstone Model

 So, it's funny how you notice things in a picture that you may not notice in person. Anyone notice? I can't unsee it...the wrinkly skirt on the slipcovered chair is so distracting. UGH! I guess I have more work to do. Anyway, I wanted to show you this cute little rent to own model which is big on style. I had to use mostly inventory furniture but added a few items to give a welcoming homey vibe.

I try to keep a consistant color scheme in houses that are open concept especially, and in a smaller house like this one, I think that calm subtle colors work best to make the rooms look larger.

 One thing that is challenging in houses that are open concept is finding a variety of items for the walls. I like to mix textures as you can see in the above photos using art, baskets, mirrors, plants, ceramic deer heads and so on.

When deciding on furniture, I like to mix tall and shorter pieces like with this bakers rack on the right and the counter height buffet table on the left. Mixing woods and metals is ok too. Nothing needs to be matchy matchy anymore.

I even mix nightstands (color and style) or use other pieces of furniture for a nightstand that might not be its intended use.

That's it for this one. I'm working on a new project starting Monday with more inventory furniture. I'll be back soon with more pictures, ideas and tips.

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