Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Tour Part 4, Dining Room

Getting ready for Christmas dinner this year with a smaller group than usual. The table is set for six instead of the normal ten and the kids will be at the BIG table this year since they'll fit!

 I'm mixing the fancy with the rustic again using antique china with burlap chargers and a wire mesh angel centerpiece on an antique wooden bowl with glittery ornaments and snow.

The buffet is set up for holiday treats...

surrounding the all white gingerbread house the kids helped to create.

Around the room are little bits of rustic and bling...

Now for the cooking. Cream corn (or is it creamed corn ??? ) and make ahead mashed potatoes are on the list today. Two great and easy recipes that I need to share with you but it'll have to be another day. Apron time.

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