Monday, May 7, 2018

Inside the Hotel Emma ~ Industrial meets Texas

When my husband asked where I wanted to stay to celebrate our anniversary, the hotel choice was easy. We just wanted a one night staycation in San Antonio so I immediately said, "Hotel Emma."

The jewel of the Pearl complex, the former brewery, originally built in 1894, has been transformed into a beautiful hotel. The hotel is named after Emma Koehler who took over the brewery after her husband, the former president and CEO of the brewery, died. She saved the brewery during prohibition by converting it into other businesses and by making near beer, ice cream and soda. Thanks to her leadership during this time, the Pearl was the only brewery in San Antonio to survive after Prohibition.

Enough history. Now some eye candy...

My favorite space in the hotel is the library. How many hotels have one of these? With everyone leaving real books for computers, it just gives the same feeling as the hotel itself, embrassing history and not giving up the old for the new but paying homage to it.

The bar is also fantastic with exposed brick and machinery,

enormous concrete pillars and beams,

cozy furniture and lighting,

high ceilings and beautiful finishes.

As I understand it, all of the rooms are unique as I would expect of this hotel. Everything is special and authentic. I was only able to capture the room we were in but I fully expect to be going back again!

The rooms are much like the rest of the hotel with exposed brick and pipes and imperfections on the walls where you can see remnants of what used to be.

Being on the top floor has its advantages with extremely high ceilings.

No small detail was overlooked in the bathroom with brass faucets and handmade ceramic tile.

The hallways upstairs are even impressive with custom wool runners, exposed concrete columns and brick, embossed leather wainscoting and antique brass fixtures.

The outdoor spaces are as cozy as the indoors. This little coutyard greets guests as they enter the hotel.

If you come to San Antonio, even if you don't stay here, you need to come by the Hotel Emma and see this reimagined beauty. I wish I had more pictures for you but it was my anniversary after all. I promise to get more next time!