Friday, August 21, 2015

New House...Again

before exterior

THIS is the reason that I have not posted in a while. The new house...

before entry
When I saw that a foreclosure had come up for sale in our neighborhood, I was so exited at the possibilities, the projects and the FUN!!!

before kitchen

There is nothing that I love more than a diamond in the rough. My friends and family call me crazy for loving to move and constantly redecorate, but I bet all of you out there get me. Am I right?

before bedroom

Everything has been mapped out in my mind for months and it is all finally starting to come together.

kitchen under construction

But it has been so much more work than I had anticipated. With our eighth move in twenty years, I should have known better. First of all, I'm not as young as I used to be, (who is?). Secondly, we had the challenge of moving  two children and two dogs along with us. Lastly, in twenty years, you accumulate a lot of stuff, even if you're organized like me! This along with the fact that we needed our equity out of our other house before we could really do much of anything. Therefore, the joy of living in construction...

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New House and My New Orleans Inspiration

Exchange Place French Quarter New Orleans
I know it has been a while since I posted anything. If you saw my last post with our house listing, you know why. We ended up buying a foreclosure in our neighborhood and I'm in the process of redecorating. Which means a lot of posts to come.

In between listing our house and redoing the new one, we took a trip to New Orleans for my mom's 65th birthday. I had never been but I had an idea of it...historic buildings, antiques, jazz, etc. It did not disappoint! I was so inspired by gas lights, exposed interior brick, wrought iron railings, shutters and chandeliers dripping in crystal. It was all so dreamy!!!

I need to go back soon and take more pictures. We were too busy having fun. Here are some of my inspirations for the new house from our rental in New Orleans.

Our room for 4 nights. I love everything about this room. The exposed brick, the French doors leading out to the balcony and the washed wide plank wood floors. Look at the size of the baseboards. LOVE!

One of the bathrooms. Velvet drapes, crystal chandeliers, marble and painted brick. Dreamy!

Sitting area of one of the bedrooms. Love the mirror!

My mom's 65th birthday! This is the living room of the apartment.

Our last night. I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Decorating in the Kitchen

The greenery is going up in the kitchen. I love the way it smells!

I decided to decorate, what my husband affectionately calls "the crab trap", this year.

Just simple greenery and a grapevine wreath with ribbon over the cooktop. I hate taking this down every year because it looks so empty up there when it's gone.

New this year... Pantry wreath with old cookie cutters.
Ornaments aren't just for the tree.
I mixed pinto and coffee beans. The hazelnut coffee beans make the room smell great!

Now to mess up the clean kitchen with some cookie decorating!!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas in the Dining Room

 greenery around a chandelier

I know that I said yesterday that I don't decorate the same every year BUT some things stay the same. I love the greenery from Home Depot! $10 for 15' of mixed greenery. I just added some frosted pinecones from World Market. So much bang for the buck!

 Christmas letters that spell noel

The NOEL letters get moved around quite a bit but I think this is my favorite place so far. I also love the word JOY in large letters too.

Christmas dining room centerpiece idea
The same centerpiece is on the table from Thanksgiving but I just added some greenery, pinecones and galvanized stars to make it a little more Christmassy (Is that a word?)

The small bar in my dining room needed a little attention too with some festive wine charms in a bowl and a berry and star container around the ice bucket. This was meant for a flower pot but fits a standard size ice bucket perfectly.

This former tree topper makes a great wine topper too!

Very soon this table in reality will be covered with Christmas crafts and wrapping paper so I'll enjoy the clean table while it lasts! Santa, I need a craft room for Christmas please!

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