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Hi there! I'm Alyssa. Welcome to my blog! 

pictured with my wonderful & supportive husband Bill

First of all, I thought I would tell you why I decided to write this blog. Well, besides the fact that it seems to be the thing to do these days, I feel like I have something to offer to individuals that have a love of decorating and want to decorate on a budget. I have been asked many times when someone enters my home, "How did you do that?" or "Where did you buy that?" I am happy to share all of my information, from the things that have worked to the things that you need to avoid based on personal experience.

I have been interested in design since I was a little girl. I always knew what I wanted to do "when I grew up". I attended The University of Texas at San Antonio, received a degree in Interior Design and spent about 13 years helping clients, decorating models and working with builders. Once I had my first child, I knew that even though I loved my job, I had something much more important to do. I temporarily "retired" ,staying home to take care of my two boys. During this time my husband and I flipped our personal home every two years to feed my need to decorate and redecorate again. Now that we are settled in with the kids in school, I still have a passion for decorating that hopefully will be fulfilled by sharing ideas with you.

Fall bulletin board ideas
The other two joys of my life, Jackson and Gage.
The bulletin board behind us I did for the PTA. Fall and football were the inspirations.

This blog is intended for people like me, creative souls that I like to call kindred spirits, who enjoy decorating, crafts, party planning and the like. Over time I will show you projects in my own home as well as decorating and DIY that I have done for friends and family. I have an especially fun endeavor going on right now helping my parents build their beach house in Port A. I probably will add in a few random things like school bulletin boards and other artsy creations as well. I hope you enjoy and if you'd like, please join the site and feel free to comment if you have an idea or project you would like to share!

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  1. I can say, with out a doubt, Alyssa has given me inspiration in decorating over the many years I have known the Teer Family! Her Blog will inspire many ideas even for the non-creative folks that need a boost in the creativity department! Not all of us are gifted in the "design" department and Alyssa has assisted me in and others in choosing just the right paint to selecting the right drapery and having it look like it was costly but on a budget! I highly recommend her blog to everyone!!! :) Sandy W.


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