Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Carnival School Bulletin Board

bulletin board idea for Fall school carnival
This year Gage's elementary school is having their first carnival. That made coming up with an idea for the Fall bulletin board easy.Here are some detailed pictures in case you are trying to do a carnival style board for your school.

The yellow construction paper is for our upcoming Volunteers of the Month who, so far, have been evading the camera. The Ferris wheel was a convenient way to display the calendar. No carnival bulletin board would be complete without a ringmaster and the banners complete the look displaying our school name.


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  2. Thank you for posting these. These helped me find inspiration for my own bulletin board at school which was themed carnival. We had to make a list of everyone and each house they were in like red, blue, green or yellow, so we also used a merry- go- round for it. Even used many balloons for sticking my classmates pictures. In the giant wheel we made 12 baskets and wrote everyone's birthdays. In the tent, the teachers list and the clown was holding the timetable for us. In the clouds we added our school vision and class mission. And by the way our bulletin board was big enough for all of this. We also used popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate ice cream, chips and other such food items common at carnivals alternately for our border.


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