Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cheap and Easy Halloween Decor Ideas (Inside)

When I decorate for any holiday, I like to look around the house and use things that I already own. This silver platter is a good example with just enough tarnish to make it look old and creepy. Every spooky house needs a head on a silver platter.

cheap and easy Halloween ideas
Gage and I made this head with a Styrofoam head shape and athletic tape. The tape works great as it is already sticky and you don't have the mess of gauze and glue. We just took it outside and rolled it in the dirt to make it look like an aged mummy head. Easy and cheap!

Another thing thing that I do when I decorate is to use the same type of items and spread them out. For instance, you'll see this year that I added some crows that are dispersed throughout the decor, as well as skeletons, spiders and pumpkins. (Obvious choices I know but the point is if you stick to a scheme when decorating anything, your decor will be more cohesive without having to think about it too much.)

I love these changing photographs from Target. They were only a dollar. I just added the frames from home. The mummy hand, also from target actually crawls so the kids love that!

I love to use spider web because for the money it makes a big impact and you can put it up even on a chandelier, in less than 15 minutes.

Another chandelier idea is just simple cheesecloth. I just stuck the metal from the fixture right through it. It is Halloween after all so it doesn't matter how many holes are in it!

The fireplace did end up getting the bloody hand treatment after all. I think the boys were right.

The hands even cast an eerie reflection.

Some wax battery candles were added to the fireplace because we don't want the skeleton to actually burn! Even though I broke this guy last year, I knew I would be able to use the pieces some way. Never throw out broken and old Halloween stuff. It just adds character!

I just changed out a few items on the cocktail table for fun.

Of course the chalkboard had to have the Halloween treatment.

The chalkboard upstairs had to be done for the scavenger hunt which I will share with you in the next couple of days.

This large spider from Walgreen makes a big impact for $9.99. I like Walgreen's because they have some of the same items as the pop up Halloween stores for less.

So for cheap and easy Halloween decor, use what you can from home such as old silver, picture frames, glass jars, old books and candles. Add to that some craft projects with cheese cloth and some inexpensive items like spider web and pumpkins and you're all set!

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