Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Your Own Bulletin Board

 DIY bulletin board
I had this old frame from Hobby Lobby that I was not using because I accidentally broke the glass. I decided to use it to make a custom bulletin board.

If you would like to try this project ,these are the items that you will need:
foam core
measuring tape
utility knife
rope or ribbon
staple gun w/heavy duty staples

This is what the back will end up looking like.

First step: Measure your foam core to fit the opening of your frame, cut with a utility knife. (note: I use a straight edge with a cork back for cutting. This keeps the knife from slipping. OUCH!)
Step 2: Cut your fabric and batting an inch or 2 wider than your foam core
Step 3: First lay your fabric down (right side down), then lay your batting over that, then put your foam core on top. Fold the edges of the batting and fabric over the foam core and staple down with heavy duty staples.
Step 4: Measure for your tacks or buttons.This is the tough part. To do this, I found the exact center to start. If you look at the picture at the top you will see that there are horizontal and vertical rows of tacks. There is a little math involved here as you will have to figure out even spacing in between tacks and that will depend on the size of your frame. Mark your tack placement with a pencil.
Step 5: Cut your ribbon or rope. Leave enough to wrap around to the back of the foam core so you can staple it down. (See pic. above)
Step 6: Place your ribbon in rows over your tack marks, flip over and staple to the back one at a time.
Step 7: Once your rope or ribbon is stapled to the back, you will add your tacks where the rope intersects. I found that the tacks alone will not hold, so you have to use the staple gun to staple down the rope and fabric first, then add your tacks.

Staple down into foam before adding the tacks. The tacks will go where the rope or ribbon intersects.

Step 8: Attach your masterpiece to the frame. (see middle picture)
(If you do not have a hanger already on the back of the frame, you will have to add one.)

This is the finished project. Ready to add pictures or mementos. I used a putty colored burlap, painted the once brown frame white, used jute rope and antique brass tacks. Of course you can use all different kinds of items to make this project unique. Instead of rope, you could  use ribbon. Instead of tacks you could hot glue jewels, buttons, bottle caps, wine corks, shells or any number of things.

This will be going in the guestroom. The side of the room that you haven't seen yet but will be revealed soon.

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