Friday, October 19, 2012

Window Shopping

We have been talking a lot about inspiration this past week so I would be remiss in not mentioning one place which incites my creativity like no other. Anthropologie. If you have never been to this retail store or at least never walked in to it, you are missing out. Their stunning award winning window displays are just a peak into what they have in store for you inside. The style of the store is everything from vintage antiques to modern industrial but even if you are not into that you can appreciate their mastery of display, their use of recycled products and repurposing of items. From cardboard animal trophy heads, to paperclip or yarn chandeliers, to polar bears made completely with shredded paper, no item is off limits. It makes me want to save everything. What can I do with these used tomato soup cans or these empty rolls of toilet paper? I think their "elves" could make the Taj Mahal out of those things. I have seen them take plastic water bottles and make them look like a blown glass floral vine reminiscent of Chihuly himself.

Anthropologie stores are also very adept at creating atmosphere. They do this through their use of  many sources of light, (I love the filament bulbs), their eclectic choice in music, the scent of their always lit candles and their deliberate and effortless mix of textures and colors. They try to hit all of your senses.(except taste that is, maybe they need to start serving cookies or something?) Lord knows they can afford it especially after my shopping trip today! :)

I want some of their "anything goes" philosophy to rub off on me because I can tend to get too structured and they always have a way of throwing whimsical things into their design which is a good thing.

Their wall treatments and storage solutions are always interesting and could easily be transitioned into some ones home.

So next time don't just window shop. Take a look inside and see everything that Anthropologie has to offer. It's not just your ordinary clothing and home decor retail shop. It's a treasure trove of creative and thoughtful designs and ideas just waiting to inspire you. 

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