Sunday, October 14, 2012

Creating Atmosphere Through Lighting

In order to create a successful room, you have to create atmosphere. One way to do that is through lighting.

To get the best effect with lighting, use a combination of lights including overhead, lamp light, sconces and candles.

Overhead lighting is not only useful but can be considered the "jewelry" of the room.

Dimmers are a great way to create a mood. They can be used not only with overhead fixtures but with recessed cans as well. (They do not work well with fluorescent bulbs however, if you use that type.)

Use dimmers to cut the severity of an over head light
Make use of your lamps and candles. Turn them on and light them!

Turn on lamps and light your candles!
Sconces add an additional touch to any wall. If you don't have electricity, use a flameless candle hidden by the sconce. (Of course you can use a candle too but I'm a little worried about the flame that close to the wall indoors.)

use a flameless candle under the sconce

 Think about how lighting is used at parties and weddings to create atmosphere and use it in your home, inside and out.


Always make lighting an important part of your plan! 

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