Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Map Dresser

coastal inspired beach dresser
This is a dresser that was originally in my son's room. It was all white with round wooden knobs. I recently changed up his room to a baseball theme and with the addition of a new desk in there, I had to move this dresser. I had been wanting to do a project with mod podge on furniture and thought this would be a good opportunity. I knew that this would have to go in my guestroom and the inspiration in there is the coast, my home away from home. I had to have at least one room in my house that reflected my love for the beach and all things coastal. This was the perfect place, my "get away room." I went to our local marine store, West Marine and was so thrilled when I found some ship maps of the Gulf Coast near Port Aransas.

The next addition to the chest was the boat cleat hardware. These are not only great drawer pulls but are perfect for coat racks as well. They come in different finishes but I selected the galvanized because I like that rustic look.

The most difficult part of this project is getting all of the bubbles and creases out of the paper that you are working with. Since the maps were originally folded, it made it impossible to get the map completely flat. I used my inept mod podge skills and the creases of the map to my advantage by adding some stain to the top of the paper which actually enhanced the creases leaving a cool aged look.

This was a really fun project and I can't wait to try another piece of furniture! I am still working on a few more projects in my guestroom but as soon as they are completed, I will do the full reveal.

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