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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt 
There is nothing more fun than a scavenger hunt and what better time of year to do it than Halloween. The only challenge was that I wanted to do one without disturbing all of our neighbors. So I came up with a plan to hide items around the house and in the yard, kind of like an Easter egg hunt. This was geared towards 9-12 year olds as some of the riddles might be more difficult for young ones without a little help. It all started in the front yard, aka, the witch's forest. I told the kids that I needed items for my potion and gave them a list of items shown below. The list can be adjusted for your own home as needed.

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The witches forest had to include a cauldron so I could put the prizes in there when the kids returned with the items. I bought four "large" prizes (light sticks) for the first ones back and every group that brought back all of the items received a goodie bag with a full sized Hershey bar, vampire teeth, spider ring, a skeleton parachute and gooey eyeball. This was all done at night with the fog machine going and I was dressed as a witch of course. No time to take pictures with kids hovering around me in anticipation. Hovering is kind word for what was actually going on!

I just bought a cheap cauldron from Party City and hung it from chain attached to some sticks that I trimmed from one of our Crepe Myrtles. I used firewood below with a flame cauldron. It was more realistic looking at night. :)

Here are the items and clues for the hunt:

Scavenger Hunt

1. He lurks halfway above ground and halfway below. By him you will find what I need for my brew. You don't have to dig deep to bring me this item. The worms should be above ground feasting beside him.

2. Not in a tree but not on the ground is where the next item for my potion will be found. Bring me a feather from the crows that nest here but beware of the troll that always lurks near.

3. Near the logs and the ashes lies the coal that I want but beware of the victim that guards this next haunt. Do not reach inside or he might grab you keeping me from getting what I need for my brew.

4. She catches her prey in a web that she has spun so be careful not to be a part of her fun. I need some of her eggs to add to my potion so bring me one quickly to show your devotion.

5. Don't be afraid to look in the dark up the stairs. That's were they sleep upside down in their lairs. It's bats in the belfry and that's what I need, a bat for my potion so bring it to me.

6. They have been stealing my cheese and now it's time for them to pay, bring me one now from a place where they play. You can usually find them in a small room where the door is always shut and I store my broom. Rats!

7. Not really a dungeon although down the stairs. It stores mostly cars except for this scare. Near the fridge you'll find what's the matter. You'll have to grab quickly because they tend to scatter. I need this bug to add to my brew. I just need one, not a few.

8. Outside is where you'll find them but there is no picnic this night. To get to them move quickly passed the ghosts that cause such a fright. Look near the lanterns that are lit on the table. Bring me one ant for my brew if you're willing and able.

Hurry back with my items and make sure that they're right because if something's missing , you'll be sent back into the night. The first ones back will get the big prize. If you don't come back, it will be your demise!

The first item, rubber worms were hidden here.

The second item was a crows feather that was hidden in the kid's clubhouse.

skeleton ideas
The third item was hidden just outside the fireplace. You can use chocolate marshmallows for the coal.

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The 4th item was hidden on the ground below the spider. I used cotton balls for spider eggs.

 halloween chalkboard idea
The fifth item was hidden here. I found glow in the dark bats but bat wings cut out of construction paper would work too.

I found these cute stickers at Target and I figured that the best place for rats would be the pantry.

For the seventh clue, I found rubber cockroaches which I spread around the garage refrigerator.

For the eighth and last clue, the kids had to bring me ants that were on the picnic table. I found glow in the dark ones at The Spirit Halloween Store.

 bobbing for apples station how to

The scavenger hunt was so much fun and really easy once you have the riddles. Try it out. The kids will love it!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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