Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jewelry Storage Idea

Some of you might already know that I am currently "working on" my closet. One of my dilemmas has been how to store my jewelry. Then the other day as I was putting away the Halloween stuff under the stairs, I came across an unused frame...SCORE!

It was nice and deep and had a bit of a rim around the inside.

The hanger on the door just wasn't working for me and I have plenty of wall space so I combined the fabric hanger with the frame to get this...

jewelry organization idea
Sorting out all of my jewelry actually took longer than doing this project.

Since the fabric organizer and the frame were similar sizes, all I had to do was turn over the frame and staple the fabric part to the back of the frame.

Now I just need to stop putting off painting the walls so I can actually hang it on the wall. I also have a plan for the necklaces which involves another frame I found. Please come back to check it out!

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