Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Decorating at Mom's

The call came early this year. The one that starts with, "Do you want to come over?" I wouldn't have guessed that it was to decorate for Christmas because it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I know my mom's attitude towards that. This year, though, she had the excuse of being out of town for 10 days between now and Christmas so, it's OK. While I am not one that decorates before Thanksgiving either, I don't shame other people because they do. What am I...the Christmas decorating police? Well, not this year at least. :)

So we had fun being naughty little elves, throwing caution to the wind, and heading out to the nearest Home Depot to buy some fresh greenery and poinsettias. The intoxicating smell of pine definitely put me in the decorating mood....along with the hot buttered rum and Krispy Kreme donuts!

My decorating style involves keeping things simple...

incorporating natural elements like greenery and fresh flowers...

blending rooms together...

combining bling with rustic elements...

using everyday items along with seasonal ones...

placing decorations in unexpected places...

and having someone to bounce ideas off of.

The kids helping out and using their creativity.

The end to the day.

Decorating is fun but exhausting. I'm glad I have a couple of days to recuperate before I start on my house!
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  1. I loved the house tour. Very elegant color scheme. Like you, I used to have such strong feelings about decorating before Thanksgiving as well. This is the first year that I've done so beforehand and I'm happy to have most of it done! Maybe it has something to do with how much Christmas decor I've collected over the years. It just takes longer to do. Visiting from Coastal Charm.

  2. That is so cute.....Loved the tour! and your helpers, it's been a few years since I had little ones with helping hands....Thanks for sharing it :-)

  3. Everything is so beautiful, found you via Savvy Southern Style! I'm your newest follower.


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