Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Armoire Turned China Cabinet

DIY Project 1 - Fabric backed China Cabinet

fabric backed cabinet
   Pictured is an armoire that I purchased at a model home sale for a great price. While the majority of the piece is beautiful wood, the back was a cheap plywood that had a cut out for a tv. I wanted to use this piece in my dining room because it has great storage. The only solution was to find some way to cover up the huge hole in the back of the piece. I figured the easiest solution would be to cover the back with fabric. This could work for so many projects really. If I ever wanted to use this as an armoire again, it would still make a great piece for a bedroom.

What you need: (Most items can be found at your local craft store.)
foam core
batting (I chose a thin batting because of the shelves.)
light duty staples (staple gun) make sure staples are not too think to go through the other side with the fabric
velcro or 3m tape double sided

First measure out the part you want covered and cut the shape out of the foam core. (Leave a little room for the batting and fabric return.) Cut out your fabric and batting slightly larger than the foam core so you will have enough to wrap the fabric around the foam core.(about an inch or so on each side) First lay your fabric right side down then put batting over that and then the foam core. Wrap the fabric and batting over the foam core and staple. On the back side add two sided tape or velcro and install on your piece. You can actually change out the fabric easily if you need to at some point.

This project took about two hours. The most difficult part was measuring the back of the piece as mine has angles but a rectangular or square piece would be much easier.

Now if you have a piece of furniture that is an eyesore in the back, you know what to do!

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