Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cabinets: Drab to Fab.

Since my husband and I moved in to our current house three years ago, I have been busy trying to find inexpensive ways to make it mine. I was spoiled in the past because my husband and I would flip our house every two years, building from scratch and making all of the selections ourselves. In a effort to keep the kids in one school once they hit elementary, we bought a pre-owned home in a great school district. So, now I am dealing with someone else's vision instead of my own. As a former flipper I know that you can only put so much money in to a house and still get it back. Therefore, I have put my effort into inexpensive DIY projects that I want to share with you.

My current obsession is with cabinets.

cabinet makeover
Take off doors, fill holes and paint
Turquoise paint is Behr Gulf winds
Dark grey is SW black fox

    The goal was to make my kitchen a little less "cookie cutter" and I have always loved the look of open shelving. The problem was I didn't have enough room for it and already had a severe lack of overhead cabinets so I didn't want to remove any. My solution was to take the doors off of two of the cabinets to achieve that look. To create more interest, I painted the interior a color.

More changes in the cabinets included painting all of them a dark grey. (They were stained brown with beige floors and beige counter tops and a beige backsplash. (not what I would have picked).They still need hardware but they are much improved, breaking up all of the beige. I chose that color because of the backsplash insert and I have black appliances which I wanted to blend in.


I love having an island. I use it all of the time. However, mine looked like the typical "builder grade" cabinet. I couldn't change the size of it because of the door swing of the pantry.  I thought about taking it out and replacing it with a piece of furniture but it has an electrical outlet which is really handy and it already had great storage. So, like the upper cabinet, I removed the doors and gave it a rustic paint finish to make it look more like an individual piece. I added a bottle opener on one side and want to add a towel bar to the other which I haven't found yet. It still needs hardware like the other cabinets but like I've said before, you don't have to do everything all at once.

kitchen island

Now, on to find cabinet hardware!!!

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