Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shelving Turned Into Bar Storage

The following is an idea I saw on pinterest where someone took an open bookcase and turned it into a bar. I did this at my brother's new house. His style is more modern than mine so when shopping for a bookcase I went for this really cool industrial looking wood and metal shelving that I found at World Market. We added glass holders from the container store and wood stacking cubbies for a wine rack also from the container store. (note: the glass holder from world market would not hold larger brimmed glassware.) Every once in a while World Market will have 25% off on furniture, so be on the lookout. The room you're looking at was actually a dining room but we turned it in to a lounge because a bachelor in his late 20's needs that more than a formal dining area.
The other furniture is also from World Market. The stools are great because the height can be adjusted. The table, which would also be great for crafting serves as a bartop. The stools can be moved to one side if you have a bartender. :)

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