Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Entry

The Teer Casa / The Entry

My house is always evolving. It never seems to be finished because I keep adding and changing and experimenting. I guess to give you a peak into my personal style, I'll just go room by room a little over time. I really can't think of one room that is complete so I'll just start at the Entry....

The pictures shown at left are actually photos of old Mexican doors bought from a photographer here in SA  and framed by me.(frames from Hobby Lobby) The piece over the table is a reproduction of and old Indian door (from Pier 1 Imports)

 As you can see my walls are painted white. I think white gets a bad rap because we all, at some time or another, have lived in an apartment. I think the difference here is having tile floors. White walls also look great with wood floors. The carpet is the problem! White can really lighten and brighten a dark room which we had because of the covered patio off of the living room. It is also a signature style of Spanish Colonial which I also love. If I had my way, my walls would be smooth but that was way to much of an endeavor, even for me! I do always try to buy the best paint available. It really makes a difference, especially with kids. The finish here is satin which is much easier to clean than flat.

The candlesticks I found on sale at Hobby Lobby for $6 ea. They will eventually be moved to the mantle after that gets changed out. The Santos are hand carved in Guatemala but only cost about $13 ea. at El Mercado. There is also a carved wooden bowl with a  clay rosary from Forge Imports. The table is cantera stone.

Pots that the kids used to drop toys into when they were little. :(

My favorite item in the Entry. It has a beautiful soft glow. As you can see, the ceiling is painted a dark charcoal, a risky move, but it's just paint, right? I actually love how it turned out. The ceiling just disappears and in the evening the light fixture makes a beautiful design on the ceiling.

Tile floors are just screaming for rugs. This is where I bring in the color.

Now, my least favorite thing about my entry and a future project. I'm sure you noticed my love of old rustic doors and this is NOT it. Not that it's a bad door, it just doesn't fit with my style (On the to do list.) Like I said, not one room complete. Oh Well.....

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