Thursday, November 1, 2012

From Halloween to Fall Outdoor Decor

Does it bother anyone else that every year it seems like Thanksgiving is getting sqeezed out even more than the last year? I like decorating for Christmas as much as the next guy but , come on, do we have to have Christmas stuff out in the stores before Halloween is even over?!!! I guess I'm so sensitive about Thanksgiving because being from San Antonio, we really don't have "seasons" weather wise except for an occasional cold front. We go straight from blazing hot summer to winter. So, I just want to pretend, even for just a little while, that Fall is here (even though the weather doesn't agree). So,I said my peace and off of the soapbox for now...

Fall Decorations

After spending the day covered in old gross spider web, I finally removed all of the Halloween decorations and moved right into the Fall transition while the kids were at school. Pictured above is the new Fall porch. I kept the grapevine up and just added some eucalyptus and jute ribbon with floral wire.

The wreath got a makeover by removing the skeleton and adding some giant pinecones and ribbon. The wreath is very simple to make. Before Halloween I attached pumpkins with hot glue and jute rope so that part was already done. I added the pinecones with floral wire and to hide that mess, I added some ribbon.

Fall decorations wreath

The hanger for the wreath was just a plain plastic one that I hotglued ribbon on. The previous hanger (for Halloween)was covered with moss so that wasn't going to work.

The lantern on the porch was filled with small pinecones to add a Fall feel.

The grapevine around the door came from a huge grapevine wreath that I pulled apart and attached to the top of the doorway with nails and floral wire.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the Thanksgiving table that I'm working on and the story of the Turkey for which there have been many jokes at my expense. :(

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