Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 thanksgiving table decor
Getting ready for tomorrow...I don't know what I was thinking going to the coast for 4 nights and coming back to cook & clean for Thanksgiving but I'm finally in the home stretch at least for today. The cream corn and mashed potato casserole, check. House semi-clean, check. One of the tables set, check.

At the last minute, I had to think of something for beneath the candle holders. While away my painted pumpkins molded. Luckily, I'm a saver and I found these wine corks. Even though I don't have nearly enough, they'll do. (We need more happy hours over here.) I couldn't find my place mats at all but the tablecloth will serve that purpose. Every year I get out "the good stuff" and things are always missing. Glasses broken from the year before, silverware that looks like it got the disposal treatment, etc. It's a good thing that I like to mix and match...three different types of glasses and two different types of inherited silver. It makes it more interesting.:)
thanksgiving table decor
I wanted fresh flowers for the table but just ran out of time so the infamous relish tray will have to serve as the centerpiece this year. How can I be 40 something and my mom still makes me do things that I don't want to do? I hate that relish tray! I REALLY do! Well, the silver is pretty. I mean I hate the relishes... picture to follow. Also coming tomorrow, the trick to making the bird pretty. I need to post this more for myself than anyone else because every year I forget how to do it. That way I will be prepared for Christmas at least. You'll see what I mean. Until tomorrow...

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