Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wreath Crazy

Christmas wreath and greenery
OK. So I'm going a little wreath crazy this year. I admit it. I need help. That's the first step, right? In all honesty, I tend to focus heavily on something when I am avoiding something else. The Christmas tree...every year we think about getting a fake tree because there is always drama with the real one. Just getting it from the lot to the house in a mad rush that it doesn't dry out before we can get it in to water. There have been years where I have refused to light the lights because the tree looked so dry that I was sure it was going up in flames. Then there was the year that we brought in what I like to call blister beetles with the tree and just when I thought we had gotten them all, another one would attack out of nowhere. Then another year when I was up on the 10' ladder and a lizard jumped out at me when I was stringing the lights and I nearly broke my neck. It was like something out of Christmas Vacation. We actually looked at fake trees last year and I was horrified at the cost! I think we are going to go with a real one this year despite the impending drama. I can't wait to see what new challenge that will bring. Anyway, on to more wreaths...

As you can see, I go with a pretty simple look. Just a bow and maybe some greenery or pine cones, not too fussy.

Rustic Christmas fireplace mantle with wreath and antlers
The mantle will probably change a little once all is said and done. I have something that I want to add if time permits. The antlers are a new addition from the D.R. Horton ranch. I love them!
front door Christmas wreath with lighted grapevine
Last but not least, the front door wreath. My $5.00 Home Depot find. I just added the bow.

 So, I've done all I can do and I'm going to have to force myself (and my husband) to go get the tree. Wish me luck!

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