Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Fun

Well, we have been having a lot of fun lately and there have been many distractions to keep me from getting the tree up but it is finally finished. Before I show you my favorite details of the tree, I'll show you all of the fun things we've been up to...

Meet Madi, the newest member of the Teer family. She's a 2 year old terrier mix that we adopted this weekend on a whim at the Stone Oak Winter Festival. I couldn't help myself and our lab needed a playmate, right?
So much for taking a picture with the dogs for the Christmas card...

More fun at the winter festival. Yes, It's December and the kids are in shorts and t-shirts. Welcome to Texas.

Our "Santa" picture this year.

I had to get up the PTA winter bulletin board. Thank you to Kristy and Janelle for the help!

A stop at Anthropologie for some kids crafts and a little shopping. I wanted to bring the polar bears home with me too but they weren't up for adoption.

Putting together the picnic themed Silent Auction basket for PTA. By the way, I love the store Tuesday Morning for things like this. Everything was at least 50-60% off and they had almost everything that I was looking for.

And now, back to the tree, whew...

The tree always just seems to complete everything. While it is always a pain dealing with a live tree and I dread putting the lights up, the evening that we put the ornaments on the tree is one of my favorite Christmas moments every year. This year we watched the old version of "A Christmas Carol" and drank hot chocolate with Chinese food on the way. The kids get so excited when they unwrap one of their old kindergarten hand made ornaments or an ornament commemorating their birth year. The tree is never what you would call a "decorator" tree, it's always a little messy covered with things that don't really match but I wouldn't have it any other way.

This one made me laugh. It reminds me of our beloved Ryback who is no longer with us.

The ornament that Jackson made when in the kindergarden play and some anthropologie ice skates.
The kid's silver cups with their birth dates.

Gage's reindeer with clothes pins.

This expression is too funny! The ornaments on the tree hold so many memories.

Time to relax for a minute or two before more shopping...

 I hope you all have a wonderful memorable Christmas and happy tree trimming to all!

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