Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Almost Summer Bulletin Board 2013

Summer bulletin board idea, beach theme bulletin board
As you could probably already tell, I've been busy doing school stuff lately. This post is for my teacher and volunteer friends out there.

 summer beach theme bulletin board
I hesitated to do a beach theme before school is out because it makes the kids antsy. I know it made me ready for a trip to the beach.

This was the most difficult part of the board, getting the angle of the lounge chair so some of it ended up being 3d.
 school bulletin board ideas
Aloha for now....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Room Tour ~ The Study

Although every room in my house is under construction in one way or the other, I'm going to share some of my rooms in the upcoming days because, first of all, I need to add rooms to my home tour besides the entry and hall, and secondly, I don't think any of my rooms will ever be completely done anyway. Even if  I did manage to complete a room, I think then it would be time to start rearranging it again anyway.

This room is off of my entry. When I moved the red into my bedroom from the living room, it left me with this rug and the red drapes which needed to be moved somewhere and the study became their home. That left me without a rug in the entry, so the cowhide moved there.

The new entry look with the cowhide rug.

Since this is a "working study" I use this piece of furniture as storage for folders, paper, ink cartridges, etc. It's a handy piece to hold the printer and a basket keeps printer paper and envelopes handy.
In keeping with my Tex-Mex theme, I use this cute little horse that I found in an antique shop as my paperweight.

The other side of the room holds the Anthropologie inspired shelves I just recently posted about. I thought it was a good cheap solution for such a large wall.
I always start any project looking at the way a room functions. I needed to set this room up so that when my husband is home on the weekends, he can set up his computer opposite of mine. Notice how I claimed my side with the view? Well, I am here more than he is anyway, right?

Since I moved the rug and drapes in here, I have been itching to paint the room a different color. What do you think?

My wish list for this room would be a really cool light fixture. We still have the fan from the previous owners. I also need to come up with a solution for the mess of cords that I cleverly hid from your view. :) Oh well, project for another day.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Young Masters Artwork

I spend a lot of time on this blog showing you my creations but today I had to show you my baby's artwork that was selected for the Young Masters show for the N.E.I.S.D. I'm so proud of him!

He was so pleased too because his younger brother is the one that is known for being the artistic one in the family.

Putting on this show is a lot of work. I, along with two other volunteers, mounted artwork onto these black mattes for 5 hours one day. I was so high from the rubber cement fumes that I wasn't sure if I should drive home. It took another day with about six more volunteers to mount the black mattes onto these large white boards and then another day to set up the display. It was all worth it to see how proud the kiddos were to see their artwork on display.

Congratulations Jackson and all of the other Roan Forest Young Masters!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fiesta Time ~ The Wreath Is Up

Fiesta wreath
Normally, I'm a ,"Less is more", kind of girl but not when it comes to Fiesta! It all starts with the wreath. I have had it for a few years now and every year I add more to it. More on this later...

It just occurred to me that some of you that read my blog might not know about Fiesta. Here in San Antonio, during the last two weeks of April there is a city wide "Party" celebrated with many parades,carnivals, parties and activities most of which are not only fun, but raise money for charities too. Some of the parades include the Battle of Flowers, The River Parade and the Fiesta Flambeau nigh time parade and smaller ones like the Fiesta Pooch parade. There is a royal court, including King Antonio and El Rey Feo (Do you know what that means?), among others, with the winners comprised of those that can raise the most money for their charity. Some of my favorite events are NIOSA (Night in Old San Antonio), The Arts Fair and King William but there are dozens of others, way too many to mention. It is a tradition to wear crazy hats and display all of your medals. Medals are given out or purchased and some are highly coveted. If you're from San Antonio, you know what it means to say,"Show me your shoes.", you know the proper name for an egg with confetti in it (a cascarone), you know where Frontier Town is and at least once you have used public transportation (VIA) even if you would never do it at any other time of the year! Basically, Fiesta is a time for eating, drinking, dressing up and having fun. If you plan on visiting San Antonio, this is the time to do it!

 My fiesta hat. This one is really tame. You should see some of the hats people wear. They make my wreath look unfinished!
Some of my favorite medals. The Alamo, Fiesta, El Rey Feo and El Rey Gato (Thank you Anna Laura)

Back to the porch... I added some colorful flowers to balance out my wreath. :)

fiesta wreath

Some must-have fiesta items ~ donkey pinata, tin ornaments, paper flowers, handmade dolls, colorful pottery, ribbons and masks. Hmmm, looking at it, I think it needs more stuff! :)

To all of my San Antonio peeps ~ Have a happy and safe Fiesta!!!

What are some of your favorite Fiesta traditions?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cowabungalow Kitchen, Dining and Living Almost Complete

As you can see, the kitchen is not quite complete. The butcher block kitchen counter, tile back splash and wooden cabinet knobs to match the counters are all missing. Again, we went with bright beachy colors here.
The cabinets are still missing the seeded glass as well.
We really had a lot of fun setting the dining table with a combination of items from Pottery Barn, World Market, Hobby Lobby and Marshalls.
Since the house will be used for short term rentals as well, we used wax flameless candles from Hobby Lobby. We found some sea glass locally with all of our colors. Aren't these lanterns a great color from Marshalls?
This is a view from the living room. The color scheme on this floor all started with the pillow on the right from Dash and Albert. Then we threw in some bright blue and orange too.
The large shell mirror was a find at the Pottery Barn Outlet.
This living area is actually on the third floor to maximize the views from the balcony. There is an elevator in the house to help when you have to lug up groceries. Too bad it was not in yet when we were moving. I climbed many stairs this last weekend, no need for the gym. There's Stanley on the phone in the background working to make money for this place! Oh, and did you notice that fabulous chandelier....

Cool, huh? This is a place were you need to splurge for a one of a kind item. This fixture needed to be grand in this size room.
Also on this floor is a small powder room with turquoise washed pine walls. The tile back splash isn't up yet but will be this great glass mosaic tile from Dal Tile.
This is what it's all about. What could be more inspiring than that? As pretty as the house is inside, nothing can compare to that view. I can't wait to go back to see everything finished and when I do, I'll be sure to share the finished product with you.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cowabunga Bedrooms

beach bedroom decorating ideas
Who wants to sleep at the Coast? Actually, I do. I love a good nap on vacation. So, in my opinion, bedrooms are important and they need to have a coastal flair. This is one of the guestrooms in the bungalow. The duvet is Pottery barn and the lobster pillow is from Stein Mart.

beach bedroom decorating ideas
This room has a little more of a girlie feel with the salmon colors, pie safe and dainty medal nightstand.
beach bedroom decorating ideas
We changed out the lampshade with one from World Market to match the pillow cases and the large conch shell also brings in some color. The neutral white walls keep it light and bright and always work well with a wood floor.
 beach bedroom decorating ideas
We went darker in this room bringing out the dark blue in the bedding. My boys can't wait to sleep in here or I should say watch TV since there is a flat screen across from the bunks, something they don't have in their rooms at home.
beach bedroom decorating ideas
Keeping everything else light in the room balances out the dark walls. I love the whimsical fish.
The bunks are from IKEA and are super sturdy. I can't handle my kids on a rickety top bunk!
beach bedroom decorating ideas
The master bedroom is painted with Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. The headboard in this bedroom as well as the girlie room were custom made.
 beach bedroom decorating ideas
I love the orange dresser and will get a better picture of it next time. The TV was being installed and it had a mess of wires above it. We also didn't have time to iron....OOOPS.

There is one more bedroom, well more of a guest suite really, on the bottom floor that I will share later. It was not quite ready for pictures this time. It is completely nautical and the custom made bed is amazing. I can't wait to share it with you. Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the living, dining and kitchen area. You won't want to miss it. If you liked the kitchen in the Keylime Cottage, you'll really like this.

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