Friday, May 10, 2013

Gage's Baseball Room

Spring. What does it mean to you? For me, it means baseball season. Have you noticed the lack of posts recently? My boys play a lot of sports but baseball seems to take up the most time. With two boys on two different teams playing 1 1/2 - 2 hour games, practices and private hitting and pitching lessons, it is never ending. Little League is a serious business around here with our local McAllister team going to the World Series a couple of times in the last few years. It is very competitive and that means hours of training and playing. So, it wasn't a surprise to me when my nine year old wanted a "baseball room".

The bed is pushed up against the wall to leave floor space for playing. The pillows act as a "headboard." The wall needed something large so the Fathead of Arlington ballpark was a great option at $99. I used painters drop cloth and number stencils to make the large pillow with Gage's #. He's known as 12 Gage.

The chair was from his baby room which I recovered with a slipcover from the Pottery Barn outlet. The desk was a splurge from Pottery Barn. It is great and even has built in outlets in one of the drawers for charging his DS. I found the hutch at the outlet for $25. The table next to his bed was free, sitting at the side of the road with "Take me" so of course I did. It just needed a coat of paint.

The Rangers banners came from the Arlington ballpark. They were selling the ones that were actually used outside of the stadium during the season. The two combined were less expensive than the Fathead. I was so excited to find the one that says World Series!

The dresser and mirror came from an unfinished furniture store. If you know how to paint, that is a great source for inexpensive furniture.

Storage was important for books, toys and Lego projects.
I always keep an eye out for cute storage solutions. I like using baskets and buckets. (The plastic bins stay under the bed or in the closet.)

I added hooks to these once unfinished shelves from Hobby Lobby for his many caps, medals and necklaces.

The transition from Gage's previous nautical bedroom to a baseball bedroom was pretty easy since I already had the red, white and blue color scheme and Gage already had all of the baseball trophies, caps and other accessories. I just added the banners, the Fathead, the numbered pillow, and the locker baskets for more storage. I know it's a little themey, (That's probably not a word.) but I think in a kid's room that's OK. I mean, where else can you do it? Heck, I'd like to sleep in here. My boys are really lucky that they have a mom that likes sports I think.:) Speaking of that, do you  think I need to remind them that Mother's Day is Sunday?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you other sports moms out there. We deserve a day, right? Oh, I almost forgot, the Spurs play on Sunday....Go Spurs Go !!!!!! No rest for the weary.....

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