Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to School Bulletin Board

I can't believe that there is only one month left of summer. This has me thinking about a theme for the back to school PTA bulletin board. I thought I would share with you a couple of boards that I have done in the past if you are looking for some inspiration too.

back to school bulletin board ideas
This is the first board that I ever created for the PTA. I liked the idea of doing a retro style school even though it doesn't look anything like our actual building.

back to school bulletin board ideas
This is the board that I did last year for back to school. Our mascot is a bear so I made him the teacher with students at their desks. People are always easier to create from behind! I just used regular black butcher paper (shiny side down) for the chalkboard wall. Chalk will write on it to look like the real thing. (Don't forget to bring your own chalk because you can't borrow from the teachers as they don't really use it any more. (another nod to the retro school days)

I hope this has helped get your creative juices flowing. I, however, am no closer to coming up with an idea. Well, I have a couple of weeks and I'll be sure to show you what I've come up with.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Basket Idea

baby basket ideas
I love putting together gift baskets. My mother has been an influence in that department sharing with me that the presentation of something should be as important as the gift itself almost shaming me into making sure that all packages are carefully planned and not just thrown into a bag with some tissue. (I still do this sometimes but only when I'm in a hurry ~ sorry mom) For big gifts like first babies though, I have to put in the extra effort.

 baby basket gift idea
I thought I would share this quick and easy way to personalize a plain basket. I found this unfinished wood letter at Hobby Lobby, painted it the same color as the basket and hot glued it on. A basket is a good choice too for a babies room for storage of small baby supplies. White is a classic choice if you don't know the colors of the room. I know this couple was using green and yellow so I just purchased some coordinating ribbon and tissue to embellish the variety of items in the basket. So even though all of the gifts are not color coordinated, the colored ribbon ties it all together. I hope baby Callahan likes it!!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! We are swimming and cooking out today. I hope you are enjoying your day too!

Check out my Pinterest 4th of July board for some last minute Patriotic Inspiration.

God Bless America!!!!!

Here's my last minute $10 Hobby Lobby 4th decor....

Nothing like some last minute decorations ~ just add some flags and done

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For Dog Lovers ~ Pet Bed Shopping

my favorite dog beds

Pet beds... let's face it, they are a necessity that everyone with a dog needs to buy, but they are, however, in most cases not very attractive. (A designer's nightmare ~ those items that people NEED but you don't want out in the open for people to see.) I guess there are more to choose from than there used to be. Now with the Internet, you don't have to go into the pet products super store only to find the thin, sad, ugly fabric version of a bed that used to be the norm. Even the big pet stores are trying by adding designer merchandise like Martha Stewart's line of doggie supplies. Regardless, it does still take some effort to find a good one. This is one of those times when I wish I was more of an entrepreneur and I could come up with my own line. Nope, too lazy. Next option, I could sew my own, but zippers still intimidate me and for a pet bed, this is a necessity in order to clean it. The only option left... countless hours of shopping on the Internet. I'll save you some time and show you what I found.....
Olive Green Dog

 Of course I had to start with this one. Who doesn't like a patriotic dog bed on the 4th? This is from Olive Green Dog, my go-to source for all things doggie.

Olive Green Dog
Another goodie from Olive is this canvas hemp Eco-friendly bed. How cute!

The Uncommon Dog

From The Uncommon Dog are these designer fabric beds. There are even more fabrics to choose from.

The Uncommon Dog

A fun Marimekko fabric from The Uncommon Dog.

Harry Barker
For all of you shabby chic lovers out there, this toile covered bed from Harry Barker is available in rectangular sizes too.
William Sonoma

Who knew Williams Sonoma sold dog beds? This is a pricey but simple and elegant french linen. (not for dirty paws!!!)

Land's End

This was my ultimate choice. Land's end canvas bed with contrast piping and optional monogram. I love the pulls on the side and the contrast stitching. It was also very affordable. For a large bed it was $99 compared to similar beds I saw else ware at $170. You can also just buy the cover separately if you ever need to replace it. The cover also comes in navy or red. Right now they are doing free shipping so see the website for details. (I used code Firecracker with 7040 pin)  I'll let you know when it comes in how the dogs like it.

Available in round sizes, shown in navy with monogram
Also available in red

No more sofa for you guys....yeah, right
Have a dog bed that you love? Share it in the comments section below for other readers. What is your favorite Internet site for pets?