Friday, August 30, 2013

The Closet ~ Before

If you know me by now, you've probably figured out that I'm a pretty organized person. My mom calls it OCD but I like to call it efficiently structured. It may be a downfall in some areas but when it comes to making over a closet, I'm definitely in my element. Just the thought of doing it makes me giddy.

I'm a very lucky girl to have my own closet but I have really never taken advantage it. It is a woman's equivalent to the man cave. I can do anything in here I want. I don't HAVE TO have a ceiling fan, a big screen or a comfortable chair. I can have florals, white furniture, fur, diamonds, anything!!! Well, within my budget ,that is. (better skip the diamonds)

I'm starting off with some good things and some bad things. The positives: It's a large room. I have a great piece of furniture that used to belong to my great grandfather. The ottoman that I have can be recovered and the mirror will be fabulous with some tweaking. The bads: I have the builder special fluorescent light fixture. There is a severe lack of shoe storage and shelving. I have no idea where I'm going to move everything when I go in to paint and or wallpaper!

The plan ~

1. Change out the light fixture. A beautiful chandelier is a must have in my woman cave. My birthday is coming up hubby, hint, hint. This will be the budget breaker but with the exception of the wall covering, should have the biggest impact.
2. Maybe some wallpaper. This is one of those things that my husband doesn't want anywhere else so this might be my only chance.
3.Recover the ottoman, maybe with some velvet or something indulgent like that and maybe some bling in the button holes?
4. Refinish the dresser in some way.
5. Look for inexpensive shelving or try to build more in myself. Gulp.
6. Add drapes to soften up the windows
7. Embellish the trim around the existing mirror.
8. Figure out better jewelry storage.
9. Add storage boxes above shelves to hold off-season items.
10. Bring in some pictures, flowers, candles and other personal items to make it more cozy.
11. Figure out a better hamper situation.

Since this is a small room that many won't see except for me, it's a good place to take some risks and do some things that I might not do in other areas of the house. I've decided to go with Anthropolgie as my inspiration. I love the shopping experience when I go in there so I want to have that at home too. Instead of a mere storage area for clothes, I want to create that chic but rustically warm feeling that Anthrologie so effortlessly invokes.

This is a long list so wish me luck. In the upcoming weeks, I will be posting about all of these endeavors as I complete them. (with instructions of course) Even if you are not redoing a closet, some of this information could be useful in other rooms as well, so I hope you stop back by and see my progress.

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