Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anthro Inspired Owls

While I was out shopping Friday, I found these cute little owls that reminded me of Anthropologie.

This is what they looked like when I bought them. I was going down the Fall aisle at Hobby Lobby because I noticed that all of the Fall items were 40% off. I wasn't planning on buying anything until I saw these adorable owls. I actually liked the gold glass but they wouldn't really work in my dining room where I wanted to put them. Then I remembered that I had bought Krylon's looking glass spray paint for another uncompleted project.

With this paint you are supposed to spray the inside of the object, which is easier said than done. It actually was not making enough of a difference so I dusted the outside of them too and let some of the gold come through.

So, they are the first edition to the fall decor. Not bad at $8 each. I hope I can finish the rest before I have to start adding in the Halloween decorations for Gage's upcoming party.

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