Saturday, December 28, 2013

One Kings Lane Statement Chair

I was contacted by One Kings Lane recently (How cool is that?) to create a post about a statement chair in my house. First of all, I was jumping up and down at the mere fact that One Kings Lane was contacting ME at all. Secondly, I thought, how fun is this because I think a chair selection says a lot about someone. I was up to the challenge!

I remember in college learning about all of the different styles of chairs and having to not only memorize the names of them but also having to remember the dates of their arrival on the furniture scene. We not only had to learn about the different styles of chairs but to create one out of cardboard. It was probably one of my favorite projects ever because it really made me think about how something is created not only from a design standpoint but from a construction standpoint. This is where you learn in Interior Design just how important chairs are.

I didn't realize at first what a hard challenge this would be, selecting only one chair. I have so many...dining, sitting, stools, gliders. How can I choose just one? Then I looked at the 1930's reproduction club chair in my bedroom. It has ME written all over it. It definitely makes a  "statement" about me and my design style. One design philosophy comes to mind that was originally quoted by Louis Sullivan describing his modern skyscrapers, "Form follows function." I think this statement holds true for furniture as well, especially chairs. Why were chairs invented?  I think to  have a comfortable place to sit besides the floor. Have you ever sat in a chair that is more comfortable than a club chair? Why reinvent the wheel? Am I right?
It is so simple in its design. Reminding me of another design concept that I go by, "Keep it simple stupid." (I'm not sure where this quote came from originally but I'm sure it's still as true today as the first day it was uttered.) You don't have to make things complicated when designing anything.  I love the fact that it is deep so you can stack pillows in it and still be able to sit or you can just leave it as is and the beauty of the leather stands on its own. There is just something special about a worn leather that I love, rustic and warm. I don't mind it showing every piece of wear and tear.


Beautiful and functional pieces like this club chair stand the test of time. The warm rustic feel of the leather will set the tone for a room. Its versatile styling can be used in a traditional or modern setting. It can be dressed up or down. It will last for years to come and never be one of those furniture purchases that becomes a "hand me down" because you don't want it anymore.

 I guess it was not such a hard decision after all. With a little mix of modern and rustic, its simple yet elegant ,comfortable yet stylish design, the club chair is definitely my statement chair.

To find out more about the history of a statement chair in your own home, visit One Kings Lane @

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