Thursday, June 26, 2014

Closet Project ~ Pretty Rods

The details in a room can be very important, I think. One detail that has always bothered me in my closet is my clothes hanging / rod situation. First of all, the rods went all the way across the room on both sides of the closet. Who needs that much hanging room? I'm not Mariah Carey! Builders tend to think that a closet should consist of a couple of rods and a few shelves. Does this really work for anyone?  Where do you put folded clothes? A hamper? Hang belts and scarves? I know, there shouldn't be any complaining on the yacht, so to speak. I'm lucky to have my own closet. There is still always room for improvement.

So, my first project was to cut down the rods so that I had some wall space for furniture and other things. I'll show you this in a later post when I reveal the entire closet. I don't want to give too much away. Then I painted the rods an antique gold and made sure to put a couple of coats of  polyurethane to make them durable.

The ends looked like they needed a little something so I added these metal rosettes. I bought them at Forge Imports for $8 a piece. They put on screws for me, but in hindsight, I think just using hot glue would have been fine.

I used different colors only because they didn't have all of any one color.

One thing I should mention, they came with leaves but when I tried to screw the top ones in, the shelf was in the way, so I had to remove them. (which was easy by just moving them back and forth) They eventually just popped off. It was a happy accident as I actually like them better without the leaves anyway! It is a very rare occasion that I try something new and it works out perfectly without having to make any changes. This also occurred with one of the jewelry hanging projects that I will be sharing with you later. Today nothing was easy!

It's funny, but this project has been the first one that I have taken on where my husband told me, "Maybe you do need to get a job?!" He thinks that I have run out of things to do but he should know better. This is actually one of the most fun things that I have done. I am well on my way to having my WoMAN cave!...Anyway, I know some of you out there "get" me.

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