Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pretty in Pink (Closet Makeover Paint)

The winner was pink. Julia Roberts would be proud. (Steel Magnolias reference) Although pink is not MY signature color, I did want something really girlie. In case you didn't know, there is a lot of testosterone in my house.

I'm only showing you half of my closet right now because that is how I am having to paint it. One half at a time so that I can still have all of my clothes hanging and not strewn all over the rest of the house.

I must say that I was a little worried when I first started painting. It was a little Pepto Bismolish. I know that colors always look lighter at first and darken when they dry so I kept on going. Now I am completely happy with it.  It is hard to see true color in a photograph but I will try to get some better pictures as soon as I finish the other side. I am definitely feeling the Junk Gypsy vibe here. (My inspiration for the room.) This is a little bold but I think this is a perfect place to take a risk, so why not.

Please come back to see my other projects. I am planning a stencil on the back wall, some bling and color on the chandelier,  changes to the rods,  rearranging of furniture, storage ideas and maybe some wall art too.

To be continued...

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