Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Study

Texas inspired home office, cowhide rug, longhorn skull, rustic study ideas

This is where I work/play. Rarely, Bill uses the other side of the desk but more frequently I'm joined by Spencer under the desk.

...or sometimes Madi.

Since Bill has an office at work, I've taken over this room pretty much. Some of my favorite "finds" are in here. I'm influenced a lot in this house, and in this room especially, by the fact that I live in San Antonio. It's a blend of  Texas and Mexican influences. Cowhides, horseshoes, local art and Santos fill the room.

I like a variety of things that inspire me on the walls. Photos representing different Texas architectural styles are hung above the bookcase. Below is a painting of one of our SA missions, painted by local artist "Brother Cletus".

Some old window frames finish out the long wall. You can't forget the Alamo, right?

I made this bulletin board out of an old window. Large clips were hot glued onto the chalkboard painted glass. It is usually a lot more messy than this!

You might be thinking, where is all of the junk that you need in an office? I kind of cheat because there is a closet that holds my filing cabinet, mail, craft supplies and all kinds of other stuff. I'll post that too but not today. I'll clean it up just a little!!! I do have a lot hidden throughout the room too though. The box on the desk hides the current things that I'm working on, files, paint and fabric swatches, etc. The bookcase houses my printer and baskets that store paints, glues, and other office supplies. On the desk, a galvanized silverware holder organizes pens, pencils, tape and scissors.

Of course I have a collection of decorating books for inspiration as well throughout the room.

I guess this picture sums it up...a longhorn skull with a little bling.
 Simple. Rustic. Uncluttered. Texas.

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