Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Inspired by Nancy Meyers/The Home Again House

Pinterest/Home Again Guest House
So, you haven't heard the name Nancy Meyers? If you haven't and you love decorating, you probably should see some of her movies or maybe you already have and didn't know it. It took a while for me to discover that most of my favorite "chick flick" movies and especially my favorite sets had one thing in common...the director Nancy Meyers.

While I loved the homes in It's Complicated, The Holiday, The Intern and Something's Gotta Give, my favorite house is in Home Again which is actually directed by her daughter, Hallie Meyers-Shyer and produced by Nancy.
Pinterest/It's Complicated Kitchen
Pinterest/The Holiday/English Cottage Living Room
Pinterest/The Intern 
Pinterest/Something's Gotta Give

 You can tell by the pictures below that Hallie has been influenced by her mother in the importance of having a beautiful background for the story that's being told. It's like a supporting actor of sorts.

Pinterest/Home Again Living Room

Pinterest/Home Again Living Room
Although all of the houses are very different, there does seem to be a recipe for the decorating and certainly some common themes. The homes are well selected for their architecture but Meyers brings in a warmness with the decorating. There is always a coziness brought together by slip covered sofas  and chairs smothered with coordinating pillows, dreamy color schemes, stacks of coffee table books, lots of fresh flowers and white candles. There is always an abundance of beautiful artwork and rugs that add a punch of color or needed texture to a room. Bowls of fresh fruit and herbs in terracotta pots adorn the kitchens so you know all of the characters actually use their well appointed kitchens. All of the bedrooms look like you'd just want to curl up in bed with a good book.

Pinterest/Home Again Breakfast Room

Pinterest/ Home Again Family Room

This movie actually has inspired me to do some sprucing up in my own home which led me into a search for items in the movie. I found a lot of similar items which you can see on one of my Pinterest boards here. Unfortunately, one of the most coveted items, the brightly colored kilim headboard was custom made and I have not yet found a rug that's worthy to call it even similar to the one in the movie.

Pinterest/Home Again Master Bedroom

Now that you've had a glimpse into the inspiring Meyer's sets, it's time to use that Amazon or Netflix subscription, watch a good movie, and get motivated to make a stylish and cozy home Nancy Meyers would be proud of. 

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