Sunday, October 21, 2012

Outdoor Towel Hooks

 hooks on shutter for outdoor towel storage solution
Outdoor towel hooks

I found this cool old shutter at one of my favorite haunts. Even though I did not know what to do with it at the time, I knew that I had to have it. It had a really cool patina that only age and weathering can give an object.

Once we moved into our new house with a pool, it became very clear that I had to have somewhere to hang towels to dry outside. Otherwise, the kids would just leave them rotting and mildewing on the pool deck. That wasn't working for me! I thought of my prior purchase and ran off to home depot to buy hangers and hooks.

The first step is to measure out where you want the hooks. I started in the middle,then put 2 on each end and then measured between the two on each side for the last 2 hooks. Before you attach the hooks, make a pilot hole with a drill bit just smaller than your screws to keep the wood from splitting. Do this when you add the hangers on the back as well. I did one hanger on each side.

measure the height so that the screw is at the top of the hook
I have stucco so I had to use a masonry drill bit to make the pilot holes for my screws

Now hang and you have the finished product. I put this outside but this would work in a bathroom, hallway, entryway or mudroom. I have another project similar to this inside for backpacks, leashes, jackets, etc. that I will share later on...

if you hang inside and not in masonary make sure you hit a stud for heavier items
 hooks on shutter for outdoor towel storage solution

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