Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Cross Wall

cross wall
The Cross Wall
The other day we talked about the photo wall. Today I wanted to show you the cross wall that I have in my study. I love taking things that you have collected and putting them in a grouping. It can be on a wall, in a bookcase or on a table depending on what you have. On walls, you can group pictures, mirrors, baskets, plates or really anything that can be hung. It is also nice to do a combination of all of the above on a large wall.

Groupings can be intimidating to hang but one hint that I used in the picture wall post is to start in the middle. If you look at the cross photo, you can see that I took the larger pieces and ran then vertically down the wall and then I took the smaller crosses and worked around the larger ones. It might take a little trial and error but any mistakes can be fixed by just filling a hole here and there.

Better Homes and Gardens

So, if you have some beautiful dishes hiding in a drawer, more mirrors than you could possibly need, or a collection of baskets (which we all accumulate!) just try hanging them together on a wall. Sometimes More is More !!!

mirror grouping

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