Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Chalkboard Wall

DIY Project 4 - The Chalkboard Wall

chalkboard wall

This was actually a very easy project especially if you have smooth walls. We'll talk about that later...If you can paint using a roller, you can do this.

Shown below is the chalkboard paint that I used but it also comes in green (the typical chalkboard color) and in several other colors that can be mixed in at the paint counter. I bought mine at Home Depot. It actually comes in a small box.

I did not want to do an entire wall so I had to seperate the chalkboard part of the wall with molding. To do this I just measured the length that I needed, picked out a piece of molding that I liked (This one has a small ledge to hold the chalk.) and had the nice people at Home Depot cut it for me. You can always cut it yourself with the small saw there, but I usually just have them do it if they're not busy. To hang the molding, first find your studs and mark on the wall, then measure and mark your board to drill small pilot holes that match up to your studs in the wall. Make sure the molding is level and nail in small finishing nails into the predrilled holes. Use a countersink to push the nails into the wood and float over the holes with caulk or filler. I prepainted the molding and just touched it up after hanging. If you have gaps between the molding and the wall, you might need to caulk. I did not do that here.

Now, the next step will be different depending on what type of walls you have. If your walls are smooth, you're ready to paint. However, if your walls are textured like mine you will need to make them smooth. First I TRIED to sand it down but that was taking way too long and making a complete mess!!! So, instead I used lightweight joint compound to float over the existing wall. This worked well but was still a bit messy. You will still have to sand a little bit but just on any rough edges or trowel marks.

Now you should have your molding up (if you needed it) and your walls should be smooth. Follow the instructions on the can. You will need a smooth nap roller cover to roll the chalkboard paint on the wall, try not to overlap as much as possible. I had to cut in the edges so some did overlap but you can't really tell. Once people start using the chalkboard it's a little sloppy anyway. Let it dry and follow the instructions on the box. You have to wait a couple of days to use it. You can tell ours has been used quite a bit. The kids love it!

ITEMS NEEDED Paint part only -
chalkboard paint & something to open can
smooth nap roller cover (Paint roller)
paint tray
drop cloth
spongue brushes or regular paint brush to cut in corners

If you need molding:
finishing nails
counter sink
wood filler

If you have textured walls (You will also need Patience if you have to do this step.)
lightweight joint compound
sandpaper Fine grit

Above is the countersink for the finishing nails, in case you didn't know what one looks like. :)

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