Sunday, October 28, 2012

The New Sofa

It's sad to say but I get totally excited over getting new furniture. So, I was especially giddy today because I was anticipating the arrival of our new sofa from Pottery Barn. The one I have been eyeing for years. It does not disappoint with its extra deep cushions and supper comfy seats - a must for my husband. I am especially pleased to say that it is made in the good ole' USA!!! Sadly, the "in home delivery" does not include putting on the slipcovers so I put my blood, sweat, tears and a few choice words getting that thing on but I was too happy to care.
Buying it reminded me of an old Friends episode. Rachel and Phoebe were living in an apartment together and one day Rachel brought home a table from Pottery Barn. Knowing that Phoebe loved vintage and antiques and would not except a mass produced piece of furniture, she lied about where she had gotten the table. Well, long story short, Phoebe ends up finding out where it came from after passing by a Pottery Barn window. At first she was upset but after going in the store, she was hooked and wanted everything in it. Of course, she still did not want to admit that to Rachel. That episode really made me laugh because I think we all have a little Phoebe in us, questioning our values or sense of style if we buy something that a million other people might have too. Well, I'm way over all of that. I love my new sofa and I'm proud to say that,yes, it's from Pottery Barn and that's ok!

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