Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unexpected Fabrics

Have you ever had trouble finding just the right fabric? Sometimes I feel like I have to design a line of fabric just to find what I'm looking for but there are options besides your local fabric or craft store. I have used Indian blankets to recover dining room chairs,a rug to reupholster an ottomon, cowhides to cover pillows and even painter's drop cloth to sew a slipcover! Sometimes in decorating you just have to improvise.
Old Indian blankets can have a wonderful design that you won't find on a bolt of fabric.

I reupholstered this ottomon using a kilim rug from World market. It is very durable.
The pillow and smaller ottomon were sewn out of canvas painter's drop cloth bought at Sherwin Williams.
Canvas can be painted so you can add your own design. My 8 year old son painted the bird stencil on the pillow and I painted stripes on the slipcovered ottomon to bring in some red from the rug.
Another thing that I have done before is use outdoor fabrics inside. When I just couldn't find anything for my bedroom, I came across these outdoor pillows from Restoration Hardware.
Outdoor fabrics are extremely durable and mildew resistant. They also tend to come in brighter graphic patterns if that's what you're looking for. A great choice indoors and out especially in coastal areas.
So, when working with fabric, whether you are recovering a chair, sewing a pillow or drapes or making a table runner or placemats, think outside of the box and use items that you might not have imagined before.

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