Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bedroom and Sitting Room Project

The following are a few pictures of my mom and Stanley's Monte Vista bungalow. Like my house, things are always being "tweaked". Above the bed are two of the new additions to the room purchased at the Junior League's Ole Marketplace last month. The girl that made the sconces took an antique rosary apart and added the pearls and jewels from it to the iron sconces. What a cool idea! Now that I'm writing this it is occurring to me that maybe you shouldn't take apart a rosary, but I'm not Catholic so I don't know the rules. The picture above the bed is an old window frame with dictionary pages decoupaged and stained to give an antique feel with a series of textured white roses above the printed background. Beautiful.

I love helping my mom at her house because her look is very different than mine. It has a much more cottagy feel that I love but am not really able to do in my own home. I have to make some compromises as my husband is not really in to the ruffles, the wicker, the crystal chandeliers and so on. We moved a few things around the other day and came up with this cute little reading nook.
This was the big project in the room that day. Finding something to hide all of the cords next to the desk. After a good scrubbing and a little paint these trunks were a perfect choice because they not only hide the cords but provide additional storage for files and papers.

Another little moment that I love in the room. We found the pitcher and bowl in an antique store in Artisan's Alley a while back. It is just so cottagy. I love it. I think the duchess really needs those lamp shades. I'm on a mission to find a similar stencil for lamps to be included in the girlie closet that I'm dreaming of for my own house.

We will take a tour of the rest of the house later on. Possibly after the Christmas decorations are up. So please stay posted!

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