Sunday, December 30, 2012

Laundry Room Inspirations

A few days ago I told you about my decorating goals for 2013. My first goal is to make my laundry room more pretty and organized. When I start a project like this I like to get some inspiration from pictures. Now with the internet, we have so many sources besides just books and magazines. Some of my favorites are, Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens, Coastal and Sountern Living, HGTV and of course, other bloggers websites. I have collected a few of my favorites here in this post. If you have a laundry room like mine, in need of a little help, these pictures might inspire you to add a little something to yours too.
Inspiration 1 ~

I love the colors here. It's not a huge room but has tons of style. The baskets and rugs really warm up what could be a cold room with a lot of hard elements. Who doesn't need a ladder, so why not have a cute one that you can hang for easy access?
Small touches like the laundry sign on the door and the beautiful accessories make the place where you do laundry a special space. I love having a chandelier as opposed to a flourescent light fixture. Don't you love that they built their own wooden stand for the washer and dryer? Very Creative!  For more details on this lovely laundry room visit

Inspiration ~ 2
 I love the idea of wood countertops. As I mentioned before, a laundry room can be cold so adding warm elements like wood and fabric go a long way in warming up the space. I love the ruffled fabric used to hide what's in the shelves behind. Taking off some cabinet doors and adding the fabric adds interest. The use of wood cabinet pulls to match the cabinet is genius and ties everything together well.
Again, hanging usefull items like this ironing board is a great idea and a space saver. Pretty items like flowers make laundry less of a chore. Visit for more information on this laundry room.

Some more pretties ~
I love the touch of red.
I wish I could hide my washer and dryer like this but I don't have the room for the doors to swing back. I love that even though this is so neutral it's still very warm.
Aren't these lovely laundry rooms? I can't wait for mine to be pretty!
I have one more inspiration picture that's a little strange. I was watching Practical Magic last night ( I also get inspiration from movie sets) and I loved the feel of the retail store in the movie so I think I'm going with warm whites and pear greens for my color scheme.
I love anything that has beautiful storage. Don't you?

Well off to my second step of the redo and that's the purge. Making piles of keep, throw away and donate.
Wish me luck... back soon with the progress.

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