Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wrapping, Wrapping and More Wrapping

I know I'm getting old when a day after wrapping presents, usually on the floor, I am sore from head to toe and suddenly have a "bad back". Despite the pain and near overdose on Advil, I'm pretty proud of myself for having wrapped any presents at all so far. I feel ahead of the game from where I usually am at this point.

In an effort to be a little more crafty in my Christmas wrapping this year, I headed out to Hobby Lobby looking for some cute snowflake stamps. The ink that I bought named "Chalk" did not show up on anything so I actually used black. I know, a risky move for a snow flake but I think this box came out pretty cute. What is it about ink and a stamp that makes you want to start stamping EVERYTHING? Nobody was safe kids foreheads, pets, anything that would sit still long enough.

I'm probably giving away the surprise of a gift here but I thought the wrapped boxes in the basket looks pretty cute and now I want to do it every year. Note to self: need more cool shabby chic baskets for next year under the tree. (I promised myself that I would not buy anything else for myself this year so this will be a reminder!)

The box that I stamped is from Anthropologie. I thought it looked so cute that I didn't want to wrap over it. I thought it just needed a little something extra. I love the red and white diagonal striped tape they are using this year.

I know, I titled this blog wrapping and I didn't actually wrap this box. If anyone ever offers to wrap something for free for me, I'll always take them up on it. It is so much more fun to tweek than to actually have to do the wrapping part.:)

On to the mall to visit Santa. I hope there's not a line. HA! Tomorrow I'll be baking with mom so check back here for another sweet treat recipe.

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