Monday, January 14, 2013

Softening It Up With Some Fabric

fabric to hide washer and dryer

In the laundry room redo I knew it would be important to soften up the room due to all of the hard cold elements in there already. Adding some fabric would do it but where? I don't have a window but wanted a little curtain so I decided to remove the doors under the sink and add a rod with fabric. I had never made a drape before so I did what I know and hemmed a rectangular shape out of some left over fabric from the dining room. I then added a strip of fabric on the back that was open on both ends to slide the curtain rod in.

Since I did not do a tension rod, the rod here sticks out a little bit so I knew I would need some fabric at the top to fill the gap.
My sewing is not the greatest but this type of treatment is very forgiving. The gathers hide the thread seams which were a little uneven.

Another challenge in the room is the large gap between the washer and dryer and the cabinets. Unfortunately it has to be that way in order for the top load door to open or it will hit the cabinet. I can't move them out any farther or add a pedestal because of the placement of the garage door which opens into the laundry room.
Since I wanted to add some fabric in there anyway I decided to hide this with fabric.
This is the underside of the cabinet. I sewed two rectangular panels and added grommets on each end which I then attached with cup hooks under the cabinet.
Pictured here with one panel on.
Since I was using plain white linen fabric that was left over from another room, I felt like it needed something to break up all of the white from the cabinets to the washer and dryer so I added this stencil.

There wasn't a way to completely hide the washer and dryer but this is a great alternative.

No more ugly faucets and outlets.
 fluff n fold sign in laundry room
Coming in to the home stretch. Some new lighting, a rug, some small organizing accessories and I'll be done and ready for the full reveal.

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