Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cheap and Easy Decorative Switch Plates

cheap and easy decorative switchplate covers

The painting in the laundry room is finally complete. Good News! The bad news...white walls and almond switch plates. Of course I could call someone and have them switched out for white but that might break my design on a dime budget so I thought I would try out something that I saw on Pinterest.

Decoupaged switch plates.
Here's what you'll need:
decorative paper (I used one large sheet about 8"x10" and that covered 2 outlets and 2 light switches)
Mod Podge
X-acto or utility knife
skewer or ice pick to poke holes for screws

Step one ~ Brush glue (Mod Podge) on to the switch plate and the back of the paper that you are using. I started at the corner so that I would have at least two perfect edges.

Step 2 ~ Place the paper on top of the switch plate and remember to leave extra paper for the return on the sides of the plate. Press down on each side as shown.  Too bad I didn't take a different picture. This one makes me look like I have man-hands...EWWWW.
Step 3 ~ Use a matte knife to cut the other two edges. Make sure that you use a new sharp blade and that the glue is semi dry or the paper will tear.

Step four ~ Turn the plate over and poke a hole for the screws and cut the extra paper out where the switch goes.

Last step ~ Add Mod Podge to the top of the paper. Let dry and do 2-3 more coats.
The finished product... ALMOST like something Anthropologie might have.

*Note: The paper that I used had a very random pattern so I did not need to take that in to account. If you have a repeat in the pattern you will have to measure the paper. (Don't forget the return on the four sides.)

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