Thursday, January 17, 2013

Storage and Accessory Buying for the New and Improved Laundry Room

laundry room accessories

My favorite find for the laundry room accessories was the chalkboard label pack. (see below). They come in a set of 6 for $3.99 from World Market. Not cheap but it's great to be able to change out what's on the label easily. Sometimes I hesitate putting items into cute containers because then I don't have the instructions on the packaging. Now I know that I use 1/2 scoop to 16 oz. of water for my Oxiclean solution to clean upholstery and carpets. This really works by the way. (I measured with their plastic scoop and put it into my metal scoop to get the right amount.) The jar, also from World market, at $13.99 was a cheaper solution to a similar jar at the Container Store. The set of 3 metal scoops was also $3.99. For their members they are sending out a 15% off coupon today which I used. So with tax the jar, scoops and 2 packs of labels were all under $25.00. Yay! I got extra labels for my pantry. Remember my resolutions this year.? That's getting redone too.

More glass jars from World Market @ $ 9.99 each.
Some picture frames from World Market which I added a little grey-blue to. They were a splurge at $29.99 each.

I cheated a little and pulled a few things from the rest of the house like this shelf which I added a little bit of chartreuse to. The towels came from my guest bath upstairs and I had a few picture frames that I wasn't using that I repainted too.
The tray came from an upstairs bedroom and will hold the phones which are charging behind it. Don't you love shopping in your own house? I love free! Sometimes things just look better in another room.
I'm still on the hunt for a light fixture and a rug. Although my husband insists that if we get a rug that everyone will trip over it coming into the house. He might be right after all I do have two young rambunctious boys that live here.

Over all I have to do a grand total but I think I'm under $250.00 total in the room without the light or rug. (I might ditch the rug idea but I love the thought of having some of that chartreuse color down on the floor.) The reveal is coming soon I promise if I can just find that darn light!

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