Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pantry Inspirations

While still searching for my perfect and cheap light fixture for the laundry room, I decided to start my second project which is to organize my pantry and make it pretty. I actually spend a lot of time in there and when the dogs aren't inside, the door is often open for everyone to see the mess.

Above are some of my inspiration items. I might not select these actual items but something similar depending on the price. As always, I'll need a budget that's next to nothing so I might search the house for things that I'm not using as well.

1. I love these jars for candy and I like the idea of separating chocolate and hard candies. Have you ever noticed at Halloween when you're stealing some of your kid's candy that it tastes funny? I think it's from mixing the two. Also, the dogs can't get to the chocolate when they do sneak into the pantry.

2. These vintage bread boxes are great but I know they can be pricey. I'll have to shop around.

3.Anthropolgie door hook. I've been hoarding my gift certificate from Christmas for things just like this!

4.Also Anthro. You've gotta love an apron that matches your kitchen color scheme!

5.Galvanized trash cans. I need two so the size will be tricky in my small pantry. I try to recycle as much as possible but I don't like the blue recycle bins.

6. I love this wooden step stool from Etsy. I hope they still have it! This will be great for the kids and for me too for that matter.

7.Another vintage item that I'd love to find. Since I'm planning on buying more in bulk and storing items in containers, I might need a scale to help measure food and that will save me money in the long run if I purchase this, right?

8. I love these eat letters for something decorative. I've seen them at Anthro but might check out Hobby Lobby for a cheaper version.

9. Ballard Designs light fixture to change out the buggy one.

10. Bushel containers as a possibility for the floor space that's unused.

11.Crate and Barrel. I remember my grandmother used to use these snap lid containers. I think they're great for things like flour and sugar to keep the bugs out.

Now that I have some ideas, it's off to paint....and find that darn laundry room fixture!

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