Friday, February 1, 2013

Busy January

Hi all! I know that I have not posted a lot this month but I promise that I'm working on some stuff for February! Coming up will be the final laundry room reveal, the new and improved pantry reveal with a new idea that you might not have seen before, some 2013 trends and maybe more on the house tour too.

This month has been soooo busy. After Christmas I go in to my birthday party planning mode. Both boys have birthdays in January two weeks apart but always want individual parties. I don't blame them. It's not their fault they were born so close together and who wants to share their special day with someone else? As they have gotten older the parties have become less elaborate. Being boys, they're happy with lazer tag and a cake. In the beginning though I went all out. I'm going to have to scan some old birthday party pictures and share some ideas with you. I have done everything from a circus theme at The Little Gym to a backyard petting zoo western theme to lazer tag with Buzz Lightyear. Photos and ideas will be coming soon...

One of my projects this week was the school's PTA bulletin board so I will share that as well. This Spring we did a rodeo theme as this month is San Antonio's Stock Show and Rodeo. I will also share last years flower themed board for all of you PTA moms that help out your teachers with their boards.

I can't believe Valentine's Day is coming up already! I need to get to work on that too so I'm off for now. Please stay tuned. I promise I'll be back soon!

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