Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What a Difference Paint and Hardware Can Make

Finally some progress in the laundry room. The paint is taking FOREVER. The white from Behr is supposed to be self-priming...yea,right. I've decided that painting with dark colors is easier. I can't believe I'm saying that. I'm so relieved to be getting rid of one of the last "beige" rooms in the house. I'm so bored with it and I'm sorry but beige does not go with everything. The laundry room is a lot brighter now with the white which it needed to be since it doesn't have a window.

I had a change of plans on the lower cabinets. The apple green was not working next to the counter top so I used the same charcoal grey that I already have on the interior doors. (Sherwin Williams Black Fox) I am going to try to do a cafe curtain under the sink. We'll see how that goes since I've never made a curtain before. GULP...I did however get the hardware for it up so now I'm locked in. (Cart before the horse again)
I do still like a little accent of the apple/chartreuse green as an accent which was my inspiration color for the room. Remember my inspiration picture?
I think it's getting there with the white. I just need to accessorize well. Speaking of that, I'm still looking for a light fixture. I want to stay under $150 which is hard to do when you want something with more than one bulb. I'm thinking maybe a lantern type or something industrial. Wish me luck!

Back to painting...I saved the best for last. I still have to get behind the washer, dryer and refrigerator with no room in there to move anything out of the way. Should be interesting but seeing some progress in the room will get me there.

Before. Kind of blah but OK.

After... Lighter, brighter with a little more style.

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