Sunday, January 6, 2013

From Closed Cabinets to Open Shelves

Some small progress in the laundry simply removing some cabinet doors and adding an accent color, a wall of cabinets becomes more interesting.



Remove only the screws that attach the cabinet door to the base cabinet with a drill or Phillips head screwdriver.

Once the doors are off, you will have to sand down the rough edges and fill the holes with joint compound.
This is what I used. The patch ~n~ paint is the lightweight version and the sandpaper is 120 medium grit. I also used this to sand down the already painted cabinets for the new color.
After filling in any holes( I had a lot because the shelves were adjustable), lightly sand the interior of the cabinet.
Painted the accent color  Behr apple wine.
I painted the shelf white like the rest of the cabinets but you could paint it all the same color if you'd like. I did that in the picture below in my kitchen...

So if you have a long boring row of cabinets, this is a practically free way to jazz things up a little and will only take some elbow grease a couple of hours including the painting. Now back to my second coat of paint on the rest of the cabinets and hopefully a full reveal very soon!

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