Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Quick Laundry Room Project (Hanger for Ironing Board)

 Ironing board hanger
I don't know why but I just can't leave the laundry room alone. I'm still am struggling with the light fixture. I've found several that I like but I'm so worried that when I take the fluorescent fixture out that I'm not going to have enough light. So, I'm procrastinating on that and in an effort to justify my procrastination, I'm finding new projects to do in there. Do you ever do that? In my inspiration pictures I noticed several people hanging up their ironing boards which I thought was a great idea. Then on Pinterest I saw a picture where someone had taken door knobs and used that to hang their board. Brilliant, but I didn't want to spend any money on this project. Then I remembered that I had these two drawer knobs that I had taken off of a chest a while back and had to make them work. I'll show you how...

I started with a small piece of lumber that I had left over from one of my sign projects. (I have Home Depot cut the boards for me and I always keep the scraps. You pay for the entire board so keep the extra pieces for little projects like this.) First, I lightly sanded the entire board, then stained the board with Min Wax Dark Walnut and  painted over that with Behr Apple Wine. I didn't paint it completely, leaving some of the stain to show through for a weathered look.

This part is important. You can see from the picture that the board is not completely centered on the stand so you'll have to lay the ironing board down on your piece of lumber to measure where you want you knobs.
Once you have marked the spot for the knobs, pre-drill a pilot hole and insert the knob.

You will want to make sure that the knob sticks out enough for the stand to rest on it.

To keep the knob in place You will need a nut (as shown) on EACH SIDE of your lumber.

Here is what the finished product will look like.

To hang, I found a stud, drilled a pilot hole and screwed directly through the board into the wall stud. You will need to screw in another screw as well opposite of the other one to keep the board level. I just painted over the screws because I like a rustic look but if you don't want to see them, use finishing nails instead of screws, countersink them in the wood, fill and paint.
You probably noticed that I changed the board cover. You can't go to all of this trouble and then not have it match, right? So it did end up costing $7 in the end but that's not a budget breaker.
So, here it is in its new and improved home in the closet which I am now in the process of organizing. I know, it's kind of a waste to not have it out in the open but I didn't have the wall space and I really want to have one of those Better Home and Gardens neat and organized closet spaces that I dream of every time I see one. I'm just going to do it no matter how OCD it is!  

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