Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pantry Update ~ Paint

If you have some extra paint laying around, painting your pantry can be a way to update your pantry for free.

This is my pantry before. There's nothing wrong with it (other than the mess) but it's a little boring. When I repainted my kitchen, I didn't take the time to paint the pantry but it has been bothering me ever since. It was one of the only beige rooms left in the house until now.

I chose two different colors for the shelves because the bottom shelves are deeper than the upper shelves which I like but when they are painted the same color you can't see that. Now you can tell they are different depths. I painted the walls white to keep the room light and bright since it is a small and dark room otherwise.
I thought that it would be fun to paint the ceiling a color so I chose the same accent color that I have in my kitchen. I love wallpaper in pantries too but that is a little above my skill level. I know this because of my decoupage projects and those are small scale. I can't imagine smoothing out an entire wall. UGH!!! I already had the paint too so it was free.

This is a warning ,however, if you decide to do a pantry makeover. This is what your kitchen will look like for a while. I think that it is going to be worth  it. I'm working on a project today to hang baskets in there. If it works out, I'll post about that next. we'll see how it goes.:)

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