Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pantry Hooks for Hanging Storage

Do you have high ceilings in your pantry that is just wasted space? Use that area as hanging storage for things like baskets with handles that you can't stack and that would normally take up a lot of needed storage space.
Here's the DIY step by step ~

Items that you will need:
Board (I used a white pine because I liked the knotty look) about $3.00 for a 6' piece
Hooks (I used 5 large galvanized hooks that I had left over from another project.)
Stain (I used min wax aged oak gel stain)
Nails or Screws (I'll explain this later.)
Stud finder

Step one ~ Purchase your supplies. I went to home depot for the lumber. They will cut it for you too. I premeasured the length that I needed. I wanted it to go from wall to wall but you can do any size that you want of course.
Step 2 ~Sand down the rough edges of the board and lightly sand all of it to prepare for the stain.
Step 3 ~ Wipe down your board to remove any loose particles. Stain your board. I use cloth baby diapers or torn up t-shirts. One coat should do it.

Step 4 ~ Measure for the hooks. I used 5 so I started from the center. On the other two sides I measured an equal distance for the remaining screws.

Step 5 ~ Use a drill bit smaller than the diameter of your screws to predrill a hole to make it easier to twist in the screws by hand.
Note: I wanted kind of an industrial look so I don't mind if the screw threads are showing but if you don't want that make sure that when you buy your screws that the depth is right for the depth of the board that you're buying.
Step 6 ~ To hang your board you will have to find studs in the ceiling. This was tricky for me because the tallest ladder I could fit in the small space was not quite tall enough for me so I was on the top step of the ladder (you know the one that says, "DO NOT STAND ON THIS!") and on my toes. For someone taller, they won't have this problem.
Step 7 ~ Measure and mark the studs on the ceiling and then measure your board so you can predrill the holes for your screws or nails. I didn't take a picture of this step as I was teetering on the ladder and couldn't spare the use of my other hand to hold the camera so you'll just have to imagine me with my tape measure. :)
I had trouble holding the drill to screw in the board so I used a hammer and nails instead. If you're going in to a stud either one will do.

So here's the finished product. Baskets that I once had strewn on the bottom of the pantry are now neat and out of the way until I need them. This would also be cute with hanging dried flowers or extra cooking pans. The possibilities are limitless.
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